A Good Scare for Kids of All Ages…Courtesy of Nancy Drew!

Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge

Just in time for Halloween — a new Nancy Drew Mystery to solve, and this one involving a ghost in spooky ryokan, or country inn, in Japan. It’s Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge from HER Interactive. This is the 23rd installment in this very popular game series which hits the shelves on October 19th (although advance orders are shipping now). Available for PC and Mac, these games are rated for Everyone 10 and up, and believe me, a LOT of adults love this series too (me included)!

Lani Minella, the voice actress who plays Nancy Drew, has been a close friend and colleague for many years — so it was exciting on several levels to finally be able to participate in one of these enjoyable games. I personally love mysteries and puzzles and this series does a great job of bringing them together.

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In this game, I’m Rentaro, a young Japanese techie who’s the handyman for the ryokan. I can’t tell you much more than that, because you’ll just have to find out! Japan is famous for ghost stories, and it’s great that here’s a Ghost Story/Mystery just in time for Halloween that’ll bring out the kid in you. Take a look at the trailer in this post to get an idea. My character, Rentaro is in there a few times. I’ve seen a lot of positive comments about my character already, from just the demo of the game. We had a great time recording it at the session, and hopefully, you might find a few fun outtakes as surprises somewhere (and no, don’t ask me, because I have NO IDEA!).

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