Elroy, the Potato Head Boy

Elroy II (Jr.), from Elroy, the Potato Head Boy

Elroy II (Jr.), from Elroy, the Potato Head Boy

A blast from the past — Lani Minella and I recorded the VO for this animated short Elroy, the Potato Head Boy a few years ago and it’s only recently I’ve seen it. I played Elroy II and the Sheriff. The film went to Cannes and the LA International Short Film Festival and was produced in part by the UK Film Council. Some innovative animation techniques were used in its creation. Some virtual sets were used for the 3d animated characters that were loaded into the environment digitally. They also used some filters to make it look like an old film. Plus, all of the peripheral characters outside the Duprey family were 2D. There was even a bit on the film in a documentary for Discovery Channel (you can see that documentary and learn more here). It’s an odd film, but entertaining I think, and definitely an original concept.

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And now, you can watch the short in its entirety, right here in my blog!

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