Get Your Superhero On with Champions Online

Justiciar from Champions Online

Justiciar from Champions Online

Yeah, I’m a Gamer Geek. I actually played the encyclopedia of all Superhero board RPGs, Champions, upon which Champions Online is based. It’s a pretty hefty rules system and you could easily bludgeon someone to death with the rulebook. It’s amazing the level of complexity that exists — and I’m definitely not a rules lawyer, so I needed the help of my GM and fellow players during character design. And a good time was had by all (in that campaign, fighting evil during Prohibition in SFO as Pulp Heroes — very Watchmen-esque).

Well now, enter the 21st Century, and Champions Online turns that RPG into a full-on video game experience with realtime combat, cooperative and PvP play, as well as adventures to accomplish and Big Boss Supervillains to defeat. In addition, they’ve brought in the array of Champions villains and heroes from the many supplements that were out there, so those who played the pen-and-paper game will delight in that. Cryptic Games, the same people who created City of Heroes and City of Villains, created the incredible work that is Champions Online and it offers up some of the most customizable options imaginable for your superhero creation, and uniquely lets you create your own Nemesis. You also don’t have to fool around with weird uniqueness for your hero’s name. The graphics are awesome and create a very Comic Book oriented feel.

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Voice wasn’t originally going to be a part of the game, but they decided it would give a more immersive experience, and so it got added in. Not every line is voiced, but still, it gets your blood pumping. And yeah, it’s a bit over-the-top and larger-than-life ON PURPOSE. They wanted a very 4-color mainstream superhero, Kirby-Lee sort of feel. A Dark Knight type of delivery just wouldn’t fit at all, especially with the kinda dialog we had to deliver.

I voiced a few heroes, one of which was Justiciar. I did several villains, including Dr. Moreau, Kevin Poe, Black Mist, Rakshasa, Ismashual, Land Shark, Soviet Guard. Some other characters like Diode, Curator Jones at the museum, a bunch of random civilians, and some of the sounds used by the various types of character archetypes. Some of the final voice selections might have gone to someone else as we doubled up on a few roles as we were at crunch time to give them some options. I’ll try to find out what actually made it into the game, but what’s listed is what I recorded.

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Unfortunately, none of the characters I voiced appear in the following trailer,
but it gives you a good idea of what gameplay is like.

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