Ghost Pirates Site Launched

Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island (Cover)

Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island (Cover)

Ben Tiller of the classic Monkey Island games has created a fun new Adventure RPG called Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island, that’ll be out for release from DTP sometime this November, and their promotional website is up. Don’t get freaked out; the game is coming out first in Europe, and since DTP is a German company, the German will be released first and they haven’t gotten around to putting in an English version yet. I’m sure they’ll get around to it soon. But the menu choices ARE pretty much in English and will be easy to follow.

This single player Adventure RPG (Role Playing Game), has you playing three different characters through parts of the adventure to keep things interesting.

It’s got ghosts, it’s got pirates, it’s got ghosts that ARRRR pirates. What’s not to love?

The settings and animation are awesome. I voiced a bunch of NPCs (non-player characters for those of you not into gaming lingo), a few of which were a riot, but I don’t want to spoil your fun and tell you ’bout them…yet.

I think the site does better justice for the quality of the art and gameplay than the trailer which was created when we only had a portion of the VO recorded, but you be the judge. Regardless, it should be a great deal of fun to play if you like the genre.

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