Girl, Stompwalk that Wii: the ANTM Way

America's Next Top Model
This one has been in the works for quite a while and it snuck out a few months ago. From Crave and DTP’s Young Entertainment division, it’s America’s Next Top Model for the Wii. The name and game structure are licensed from the popular Reality TV show now with seasons in the double digits. However, you won’t find Tyra, the judges or anyone else here. The game’s target audience is young girls, and they seem to really enjoy it, but adults may not enjoy it as much (although some reviews I’ve read say that some moms have had some fun with it too). Pick out the right fashions, apply the right makeup, do photo shoots, dine, workout, try to have a real life, knock out the competition on the catwalk…and even get into a backstage catfight. The look is very reminiscent of the SIMS in terms of look and feel of the environment and the minigames are pretty easy to learn.

I voiced the player’s Boyfriend, who I was directed to make suitably gushy toward the main character that you play to appeal to the younger audience. Although he can be among many different avatars that you choose from (with different names as well), my voice is used for them all. I also voiced the paparazzi, of which there are several, but they’re all Italian brothers who also sound alike too. And the relationship and paparazzi could both help or hurt your competition depending on your choices!

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