Hack, Slash, and Blast Away with Torchlight

The Steampunk Alchemist uses his Power Glove in Torchlight

The Steampunk Alchemist uses his Power Glove in Torchlight

The Alchemist Avatar from Torchlight

The Alchemist Avatar from Torchlight

I’ve really been looking forward to the release of this game on the market. Having been a big Diablo player (way back when), it was exciting to be involved with some of the creative team responsible for that game (along with Fate and Mythos) with the creation of this new dungeon crawling, hacking, slashing, bashing, shooting, blasting Action RPG extravaganza. Torchlight, designed by the very talented team at Runic Games, was just released to the world on October 27, 2009 with a big bang. And the buzz is as good as I expected it to be with great reviews already beginning to pour in!

There are three avatar possibilities for this game, and guess what, yours truly is one of them! I was really excited when I was cast as my favorite one, the Alchemist. In fact, I love the character design so much, he’s featured on my blog and website! I even kinda look like this guy in real life…ya know, when I was a bit younger and *mumble mumble* pounds lighter. I love action, I love magic, and I love Steampunk, and this character design incorporates them all. It’s this geek gamer’s dream come to life, or at least an animated life… And a lot of the players are really diggin’ the Alchemist too.

While I haven’t played the game myself yet, I really hope to soon. The gameplay from the videos looks awesome. I love the stylized artwork for the characters and creatures. And I love the addition of getting a pet — either a dog or a cat — that can carry inventory, run back to town and sell stuff for you, attack, and even transform into other awesome creatures when you feed it a mutated fish from the Fishing Mini-Game.

This game is hot already in its single-player form. I think is only going to get even more so when, with Perfect World, they launch the MMO version. Even as a single player, just check out this trailer to see what I mean about how kewl this game is.

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In addition to voicing the Alchemist avatar, I also provided voices for some minor NPCSs including the Bard, the Old Rich Guy, a Miner (I know there are a bunch of these), and some Generic Townsperson. Once I play the game, I’ll have a better idea who these characters are named in-game. And if any of you know already, drop me a comment here with their identity!

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