It's Alive!

It's Alive!

I’ve done it. Finally given in, bit the bullet, and am attempting my first official blog for my acting work. Mad you call me? Perhaps. Yes, an mad. But then, those of you who know me well already knew that. So, stay tuned for what promises to be sometimes insightful, sometimes weird, but always entertaining time.

I owe a pretty speedy startup to the fact that I’m redesigning my site, already kinda know WordPress, and then WON this NIFTY THEME in a raffle by its creator who was celebrating his amazing sales success at by giving away copies of his popular themes. It was divine providence (thank you powers that be). And thanks bunches Matt Brett, you rock. And please, be kind when you review any of my titles. 😉

Oh, and to any of you other fellow tech-heads out there that don’t already know about the Envato sites, they rock, and you should check them out. I built my website, blog and some of my other web work using tools from their sites as well as

Right now, the Facebook link is to my direct profile, and sorry, unless I know you really well, I won’t be adding you to my friends there (I’m already overwhelmed). However, I’ll soon have my own Facebook Actor Page where you can become a Fan. And, there’s always Twitter. Stay tuned for news on the my official Facebook Actor page.

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