Lions and Tigers and Taxonomy, Oh My!

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I recently provided voice over narration to the AP Biology line of Plato Learning’s secondary education products.

Plant Transpiration

It was nice to know that being an *ahem* Brainiac in school, getting my BS in Physics, and then later working in the biotech world has paid off in the VO world as well. I’m very good with science and technical jargon and am intimately familiar with the content I’ve been delivering. In fact, I’ve been passionate about science my whole life! It feels great to not only have the knowledge to back up my work, but also to have the ability to make it more accessible and interesting to students who are learning these subjects for the first time.

It’s quite possible there will be some future work in other subjects with Plato, such as Chemistry; another subject that I excelled in and did Honors work in college. I even took Organic Chemistry as an elective, though Physical and Nuclear Chemistry were much more interesting to me at the time. Am I a geek or what?!

I don’t just speak science though — I also worked for many years (and still do some consulting) in Information Technologies, and worked in Finance and Marketing for a major Bank. I’ve also worked with clients in the Biomedical and Pharmaceutical industry. So, I’m at ease speaking techie talk in a wide range of very diverse areas. Real world experience can definitely help you in this industry, especially in educational and industrial projects!

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