Lou in McNally’s Dedication

I just accepted the role of Lou in a series of staged readings of 4-time Tony Award winner Terrence McNally’s Dedication or The Stuff of Dreams performing with the Sullivan Players at San Diego’s Swedenborg Hall. Readings of plays are a great way for actors and local audiences to get exposure to some great works that aren’t performed very often (this one, because the costs of doing the sets are pretty involved). You may be most familiar with McNally for his Love! Valour! Compassion!, for which he not only wrote the original play, but also adapted it for the screen. The role of Lou was originally performed by Nathan Lane and it was first produced back in 2005.

I’ll update the post once I get complete details after the first of our three rehearsals in September. The readings will be held in October on the first three Mondays. I believe they are usually very low cost or free to the public. Donations are always welcome and we usually have some refreshments available for you at any short intermission.

I really enjoy doing these staged readings since they keep me grounded in my original theater training, but don’t require the same time commitment as a play (which has been difficult for me of late as things have been very busy). It gives me the chance to delve into a character that I don’t often get to do with some of the voice work I do. Here’s a description of the play:

In a small upstate New York town, Lou, a speech and drama teacher, and Jessie, a dog groomer at The Dapper Dog, bring joy to their community through running an amateur theater company. They become obsessed with buying a derelict movie theater and turning it into Captain Lou and Miss Jessie’s Magic Theater for Children of All Ages. The only obstacle in reaching their dreams is Annabelle Willard, a terminally ill and manipulative widow who owns half the town. Will these naive dreamers be able to grasp the brass ring, and at what cost?

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