Love Negotiated

Poster for Love Negotiated

Poster for Love Negotiated

Lawyers in Love? Richard is afraid. Veronica wants more. Mark doesn’t know. Maria is sure. You can’t tell with Luke. Kate’s bad at it. John isn’t happy, and Ann hates everything! And these lawyers and their friends try to “negotiate” their way through love with Pre-Nuptials, Post-Nuptials, No-Nuptials, and even Pre-emptive Divorces. It’s a hilarious merry-go-round of love and relationships.

And that’s the basic setup for this World Premiere original play, Love Negotiated, by Kevin Six, that I starred in as Richard earlier this year that was produced by Lotus Theatre Collective. It was one of the finest ensemble casts and crews I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Seriously. I miss our whole production company something fierce (thank god for Facebook and e-mail). Fortunately, I get to see at least of few of them fairly regularly right now.

BTW…Yeah, I know that this isn’t exactly current news, but I gotta get some content goin’ on this blog yo!

The play was the 2nd place winner in a national playwrights competition and was originally done as a reading with Broadway actors in NYC as part of the finals and was a big hit there, as well as a short-run staged reading in San Diego. But this was its first complete production, and I was happy to be a part of it and I think we did a great job bringing this show to life.

Stage is my original training, and its still one of the best ways to stretch your skills and get that live energy play between you and the audience. It’s a rush, and so was this production. What we lacked in terms of production budget, we more than made up for with talent and heart. The reviews were very favorable (with yours truly getting special mention). What’s most important is that this production really delivered the goods in terms of the strength of the entire ensemble. That’s pretty easy to do when you have such a wickedly funny as well as poignant script that Kevin had written.

DJ Sullivan began the direction, but unfortunately, ended up having to deal with cancer treatment shortly into our production schedule. Thankfully, she’s fully recovered now and doing quite well. Kevin Six took the reigns for the remaining rehearsal schedule with the assistance of Kymri Wilt. Now, it’s hard enough to do a new play when the playwright is there, but even more so when he ends up directing his own work. And did I mention, my co-star Jennie Olson who played Ronnie, is his other half? Uh, yeah, no pressure there, having to make-out with his girlfriend and all, but I think it was far worse for Jennie. Jennie was terrific, and we did a lot of work outside of rehearsals working our scenes together. Actually, Kevin handled the whole situation superbly, even though he once or twice got us to grown with a one-liner where he stepped OVER that line. Kevin’s a nut and definitely a kindred comedic spirit.

Rather than duplicate what’s already out there, I figured I’d just give you the link to the production site, with all the good stuff there. I mean, isn’t that kinda what the web is for?

Visit the Love Negotiated website to learn more.


Kevin Six is an amazingly witty writer. I should know since this was the second of his pieces I’ve performed. My first play of his that I was fortunate enough to star in was his new 5 minute one-act called “No Problem”, performed last year with Sherri Allen for the New Perspective Festival, and with Kymri Wilt for the University Heights Arts Open. It is witty repartee with tons of overlapping and quick exchanges. Absurdist theatre at its best. In fact, here’s what a few of our illustrious critics thought of it and us!

“No Problem, written by Kevin Six, like the Abbott and Costello classic “Who’s on first?” and directed by DJ Sullivan like a piece from David Ives’ All in the Timing. Wonderfully executed, with crackerjack timing, by Sherri Allen and Marc Biagi. “
~ By Pat Launer (

“Kevin Six’s No Problem, directed by D J Sullivan is a joy as Sherri Allen and Marc Biagi toy with the English language. The playwright must have read the collected works of Rich Lederer to have had so much fun. Oh, I almost forgot, Jeni Maples appears for approximately one second.”
~ Community Theatre Beat by Robert Hitchcock

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