One Night Engagement at the Hot-L Baltimore

Hot L Baltimore

Hot L Baltimore

Actually, that should read appearing for one night only in Hot-L Baltimore, the award-winning play by Lanford Wilson with the Sullivan Players.

My appearance is coming up — Opening Night, 7PM, May 8, 2010, at Swedenborg Hall (details can be found here). It’s a small, but intimate theatre…and hey small theatre is where it’s at, especially as far as most budgets are concerned right now!

The director, DJ Sullivan (one of my acting coaches with whom I studied Michael Shurtleff‘s Guideposts, Subtext, and worked with on several productions including Little Murders, Trial of the Catonsville Nine, Love Negotiated, No Problem, and Age of Aquarium), asked if I could fill in on short notice. I was delighted to say yes. One of the cast members had a job that is going to keep him away on opening night, so I’ve stepped in as an emergency understudy for the role (Suzy’s John) at the director’s request. The character isn’t on stage much, but I guarantee it’s memorable. It’s great to be working with our local talented actors, many of whom I’ve worked with before, and a few now for the first time.

Hope that those of you who can come can see me do it, and if you can’t, see Greg Rhode do it. We’re both doing something really fun with the character and have a different take on it.

It’s ironic because I’d been originally asked to be in the cast but also had to turn it down for work-related reasons. I hated to have to do it because I’d been looking forward to doing it. And now, I get to do it anyway without several months of rehearsal.

I also want to plug DJ Sullivan‘s classes to any actors out there in the San Diego area. She’s a wonderful teacher who I’ve truly benefited from working with — the Shurtleff Guideposts and Subtext courses she teaches are a MUST for any serious actor who’s looking to put another tool into their “craft” toolkit. She’s a veteran of stage and screen and has been teaching for over 50 years. She was also on the National Board of SAG for many many years. Learn more about her courses here.

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