Origin: Beyond the Impact (BTi) Episode 1 is Here!

The first segment of our 3-part webseries pilot is out!

ORiGiN: Beyond The impact (or BTi) from Etched Motion Productions is finally here! In a couple of weeks Part 2 will be released. I’ll be appearing in Part 3 (a few weeks after Part 2). However, I hope you don’t wait for that to tune in!

You need to experience the great characters and actors that are emerging in this project! Please check out the fine work of my castmates and our production crew. We’re very proud of our work, and we really think you’re going to like what we’re bringing in BTi and the amazing work for our multitalented creator, Jeff Patton, our very talented cast, and Etched Motion Productions.

BTi EP 1. from ETCHED MOTION PRO on Vimeo.

(Watch it directly on Vimeo for the highest HD Quality!)

Technically, I *am* in this first part. Well, other than the credits, which I’ll have to say it’s very exciting to see your name showing up, great music and kewl title sequence too! (There are intro credits for the principal actors, and then an important sequence, and then the remaining credits.).

And that little bit I do with this secondary character in Part 1, will also be in Part 2. See if you can figure it out. (Hint…I’m one of the only people who’s in this in more than one role!)

While I’ve done other on-camera work, that work has been commercials and industrials — this is the first time I’m seeing my name up in credits on a Live Action Theatrical release. I am over the moon!

These first three webisodes are focused on our characters and setting the stage for what will occur later. We think you’ll be hooked and want to see more…and boy, there’s some serious *more* that’ll emerge from all of this as all of the characters’ paths begin to cross and converge into something awesome. Of course, you’ll just have to tune in and watch. As Doctor Who‘s River Song would say, “Spoilers…”.

BTi Summary:

In 1962, a large object breaches the Earth’s atmosphere and impacts a remote mountain range in Death Valley, CA. A half-century later, the web series “Beyond The impact” tells the story of CROWE Corporation’s secret, multi-national plan to harness the mysteries found at the impact site, and the lives of the individuals most deeply affected.

When a Senior CROWE scientist with direct ties to the impact site goes missing, a rookie FBI agent is teamed up with an experienced Russian operative in the race to find him. The two investigators encounter a young woman whose love for a lost one helps uncover perhaps the greatest secret of the 20th century.

“No secret will remain hidden when in plain sight“ — Dr. B. Schmidt

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