ORiGiN: BEYOND THE iMPACT – First Trailer!

Some of you already know I’m appearing in a Science Fiction feature pilot/webseries that has been very hush-hush. That is, until now!

Introducing “ORiGiN: BEYOND THE iMPACT”!

Word is spreading and our first trailer is in. While I’m not in this first teaser trailer, that’s only because my scenes are shooting in the coming weekend. I cannot wait. I absolutely love working with everyone on this production both in front and behind the camera and I think it’s a great story that we’re telling that we hope will grab you. There’s a large ensemble cast on this one with intertwining stories that converge. And while I’m not one of the Main Characters in the series, I am a principal Supporting Character — and I guarantee my role will be memorable (and is pretty darn important and will make sense once you see the series).

We have a whole teaser campaign happening over on the BTi Facebook page which gives an overview of the plot plus some great background. And we have a website that right now is just a countdown — but lots planned at http://www.beyondtheimpact.com. More will be coming soon and I’ll be keeping you updated as things build up momentum toward our release in March 2015! A brief summary is included below the video.

BTi Trailer 1 from ETCHED MOTION PRO on Vimeo.

BTi is Sci-Fi/Drama Web Series due to launch February 2015. It is the prequel series to the feature film titled Origin, scheduled to begin production 2015.

In 1961, a large object breaches the earth’s atmosphere and impacts a remote mountain range in Death Valley, CA. A half-century later, the web series “Beyond The impact” tells the story of Crowe Corporation’s secret, multi-national plan to harness the mysteries found at the impact site, and the lives of the individuals most deeply affected.

When a Senior Crowe scientist with direct ties to the impact site goes missing, a rookie FBI agent is teamed up with an experienced Russian operative in the race to find him. The two investigators encounter a young woman whose love for a lost one helps uncover perhaps the greatest secret of the 20th century.

“No secret will remain hidden when in plain sight“

–Dr. B. Schmidt

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