What is the Sound of One Mime Screaming?

The Mime from PAIN!

The Mime from PAIN!

I’m a Mime. Torture me. Beat me. Toss me. Blow me up. Hit me with a steel girder. No really…do it, again and again. You’ll enjoy it, and if you’ve even got a modicum of the slapstick sense of humor that courses through my veins, you’ll LOVE it. The game PAIN! (and it’s various scenarios) from Sony and IdolMinds is a rarity in the video game world since it focuses on humorous violence, and some really base forms of it. I love it, and apparently so do many others. This game, and even just videos of it, are enough to make whatever you’re drinking squirt out your nose, that is, if you find The Three Stooges hilarious.

I voiced the Mime. Seriously. Actually, I voiced another Mime too since they modified the shape for him in the Museum game. I guess they’re brothers. I’m also a Museum guide narrator for a few bits.

Yeah, I know, people look at me stupidly and kinda do a double-take when it sinks in that I did the VOICE of the MIME. And they always say, “Geez that must’ve been an easy job, just show up, turn on the mic and stand there for a few hours doing nothing.” Well, not exactly. Actually, it’s quite a workout doing all the reactions for being kicked, slingshot, hit by cars, bashed, exploded and various sundry other reactions for the character. It was a blast, literally and figuratively. Sadly, Andy Dick and George Takei had tracked their work earlier in the week. Missed ’em by that much.

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Get a load of PAIN! Darts in the official trailer.

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Here you can see BOTH mimes getting abused.

It seems mimes are universally despised and my character is one of the favorite player choices to torture, toss about, mangle, blow up, and more. Come on people…who out there hasn’t wanted to beat the crap outta a mime? Anyone? Bueller…Bueller?

Sadly, I don’t have the equipment needed to play PAIN!, but I’ve busted a gut watching the videos of the various forms of torture to which people have subjected the mime: from Mime Toss, to Bowling for Mimes, to Mime Darts, and more. Some of the in-game glitches have also been hilarious.

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The girder is still one of the best bits.
Not much VO in it. Just be patient.
Wait for it…wait for it…

If you enjoyed these videos, check out more on YouTube searching for Mime and PAIN! Oh wait, I’ve done it for you. Wasn’t that nice of me?

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