We’ve got Chemistry

I’ve recently completed some marathon recording work with Lethal Sounds and Plato Learning for Advanced Placement Chemistry. It was fun revisiting this material after so many years of not using that knowledge (I have a BS in Physics, plus did a lot of chemistry in college). It seems kids these days are having to learn a lot more than I remembered learning at that age – but then, we are in a time where the advancements in science keep happening at breakneck pace. I am proud to be able to not only put my voice to the work, but my understanding of these concepts and principles helped me to deliver the content to help make the subject more accessible to its target audience. I realized how rare it must be to find someone like me who actually understands how to deal with the technicalities of the equations and computations as well (a lot was NOT written out as to how to say it, in fact, I worked with them on some standards for content delivery). Most voice artists would have little or no idea of how to say some of these things if it wasn’t spelled out. In fact, I also consulted to assist with the delivery for the female talent’s sessions.

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