Where My Voice Has Not Gone Before…But Always Wanted To…


OK, I’ve had one of my geek dreams come true. I got to be involved in Star Trek through Star Trek Online. I seriously used to role-play Star Trek with a friend in elementary school (and we’re talking CLASSIC Trek during its revival…). The two of us acted out all the parts and we each had our regulars (some of mine included Spock, Chekov and Scotty), though some we split from time to time. His driveway was the bridge with the garage door as the screen, and we had the stations mapped out. He had circular stepping stones in the yard which served as our transporter pads while the bush nearby acted as controls. We made our own transporter and phaser sounds. The stories were our own. We even tousled around in the grass during our fight scenes as we “dah-duh-duh-dah” sang out the standard trek fight scene music. Ah, the craziness of youth. I actually majored in Physics in college due to my interest in science inspired by the show and Mr. Spock. And yes, I kept up with various series over the years and have enjoyed most of it (ST:DS9 is my personal favorite if I had to choose one).

So now you can see why I was so excited to be involved in Star Trek Online with Cryptic. I performed several roles for avatar-based bridge crew: the Male Reformed Borg, the Male Vulcan Officer, and the Male British Officer. It wasn’t added into the game at launch and was supposed to be included in a supplement. Who knows, it may end up on the cutting room floor. Sadly, my current machine is too old to play (one of these days I’ll get around to getting a decent gaming system).

Regardless, I got to act in a universe that I’ve admired so much from childhood, and that alone was worth it (‘course bein’ paid to do it was nice too!).

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