Witch Creek Live-Action Film in Pre-Production

I’ve joined the cast of the independent live-action film Witch Creek being produced by the creator-owned Swords and Circuitry Studios. While I’ve worked on-camera for years now, that work has been concentrated on commercials and industrials, and this will be my first venture into film. I’m eager and have been ready for it for quite awhile and it seems the right stars came into alignment for this to be my first dramatic role on-camera. I’m not listed on the site yet (gotta get ’em my bio and a pic soon).

Witch Creek is the first new production for the studio, and I’m excited to be involved. I’ve known Neal Hallford, the writer/director, and his wife, Jana Hallford the producer, for many years now. When I heard about the film, I had expressed my interest in providing my talent to the project as needed (it had already been cast at that point). I was originally going to play a cop with just a a few lines, which I was quite content to do. Since that time, the project has grown and it’s turned from a smaller film into a full-on independent feature with an eager cast and crew. In fact, Neal has written a pretty meaty role with me in mind! How great is that?! What an honor!

My first table read with most of the cast, director and producer was a lot of fun and I look forward to seeing everyone again soon and shooting this film!

It will be shot locally in-and-around San Diego, with most of the cast and crew coming from the area. And, as it’s title reflects, it does have something to do with an event that impacted the lives of all San Diegans only a few years ago, The Witch Creek Fires of 2007. But there’s much more than that going on in this film. I’d call it a supernatural thriller, and I certainly can’t give anything away — but I think fans of the genre are really going to love it.

A great website has already been put together for this film (http://www.witchcreekmovie.com), and some terrific packaging and promotional materials have already been designed by the star of the production, Scott Butler (who’s also a great graphic designer). In fact, there’s already a distributor who’s interested in the film! The trailer is awesome — see below. (And no, I’m not credited on there yet, since this was done with some early footage and before I joined on).

ZD YouTube FLV Player

We’ll be shooting in the very near future, so STAY TUNED. More will come on this in my blog as things progress. Maybe even with some pix for you next time!

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